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    Press release from 2/27/19 | Trade Fair Dangerous Goods & Hazardous Substances

    Exhibitor Highlights from Trade Fair Dangerous Goods & Dangerous Materials

    Everything from first-class fire protection facilities for the safe storage of lithium batteries to full service offers for hazardous waste disposal and special equipment for measuring hazardous gases will be at the Trade Fair Dangerous Goods & Dangerous Materials from 9 to 11 April 2019. The fair at Leipziger Messe will focus on solutions, products and services for the transport of hazardous goods, storage, internal logistics of hazardous substances and maximum safety in handling highly sensitive goods and substances. Visitors can expect a variety of exhibitors.

    Global market leaders, as well as innovative medium-sized companies, will present their products and services at the second edition of Dangerous Goods & Dangerous Materials. "The exhibitors' wide range of products and services covers the whole logistics chain for hazardous goods and substances and the associated safety aspects. This fair is the ideal platform for logistics decision-makers, specialist managers and security officers in transport, handling and production companies to find out about the latest industry developments, current topics and exchange ideas," says Project Director Matthias Kober.

    Chemical Product Transport Services

    Dachser's slogan at the Trade Fair Dangerous Goods & Dangerous Materials 2019 is "Essential Connections" - the market-leading company is bringing the world of chemical compounds and global logistics together. Michael Kriegel, Department Head Dachser Chem-Logistics, states: "With our 396 locations in 44 countries, we can provide the connections that chemical companies need for procurement and distribution." Dachser transports over 3.2 million shipments of chemical products in its European ground transport network. Additionally, the company has warehouses designed for the storage of hazardous substances.

    Materials Handling Technology of Linde Network Partners

    The Linde network partners Sander Fördertechnik, Carl Beutlhauser Hebe- und Fördertechnik and Günsel Fördertechnik und Fahrzeugbau will present a wide range of solutions for safe intralogistics. Visitors will be introduced to forklift trucks designed for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, the Linde Roadster with its A-pillar-less design and various optical forklift guidance systems. The trade fair is rounded off with several live demonstrations: the Linde Safety Guard forklift collision warning system, the forklift tipping simulator with a solution for monitoring forklift rear clearance, and expert presentations about the Linde Safety Scan safety solution. Yet another highlight is the presentation of the forklift assistance system function of the Linde reach trucks.

    Focus on Safe Storage of Lithium Batteries

    Today, lithium batteries are indispensable, but this technology poses a fire and explosion risk. DENIOS' portfolio when it comes to the storage of these rechargeable batteries ranges from compact fire protection storage systems for small quantities or units of varying size to large-scale Rack-Fire-Protect (RFP) fire protection shelving systems. The Walk-In-Fire-Protect (WFP) walk-in storage system allows numerous options for smaller module sizes. The PROTECTO stand is also all about lithium batteries. The hazardous materials storage specialist offers solutions of all shapes and sizes - from safety cabinets and fire protection containers to hazardous materials storage facilities - for the safe storage of lithium batteries.

    Packaging Solutions for Hazardous Goods

    The richter & heß Industrie- und Gefahrgutverpackungs GmbH will be showing a special plastic container at the Trade Fair Dangerous Goods & Dangerous Materials. Intermediate bulk containers are particularly well suited for the transport and storage of fluid substances. The exhibitor buhl-paperform has developed a protective fibre packaging GlassPac for the hazardous goods sector. Furthermore, the absorbency of the moulded fibre component is increased through the use of vermiculite. In case of damage, the buffer absorbs leaking liquids. Various bottle types and screw caps will be presented at Leipziger Messe.

    Cargo Securing Done Right

    Cargo securing methods are becoming more and more efficient. However, the cost factor tends to outweigh safety, explains Rainer Ladungssicherungstechnik, a company exhibiting at the Trade Fair Dangerous Goods & Dangerous Materials. The total costs of a load securing method are determined by the load unit formation, handling and the loading and unloading process. At the Rainer Ladungssicherungstechnik stand, interested visitors have the opportunity to see what optimal and cost-effective loading looks like.

    Full-service Offer for the Disposal of Hazardous Materials

    REMONDIS Industrie Service will present its full range of services for disposing hazardous materials at the Trade Fair Gefahrgut & Gefahrstoff. This includes the REMONDIS AS-CONTROL wastewater management service. Their service spectrum includes plant monitoring and control. Visitors will also learn about the MOBIWER vehicle, which was designed for mobile workshop disposal. This service is, according to REMONDIS, unique in Germany: The MOBIWER can dispose of up to five typical workshop waste bins every trip. This saves time, money and organisational effort.

    Measuring and Testing Hazardous Gases

    Dräger Safety will be presenting gas measurement equipment, among other products, at the trade fair in Leipzig. These include the Pac series of single-gas measuring instruments. Apart from the standard gases, the devices detect special gases such as ozone, phosgene and nitrogen dioxide. The Dräger X-am 8000, which will also be on display at the Trade Fair Dangerous Goods & Dangerous Materials, can measure up to seven toxic or flammable gases and vapours as well as oxygen simultaneously. Additionally, the company is bringing the Dräger Regard 7000, a modular evaluation system for monitoring gases and vapours.

    Ready for industry 4.0

    In Plant Assist Manager (PAM), the exhibitor Rösberg Engineering developed a client-server solution for electronic operator guidance that can be linked to any control system via a standardised OPC interface. The PAM server controls the communication with the process control system and also with clients. Furthermore, it stores the work process data in a database and generates reports and statistics. This solution, which will be presented at the Trade Fair Dangerous Goods & Dangerous Materials, makes customers ready for Industry 4.0.


    Pre-admission accreditation for the Trade Fair Dangerous Goods & Dangerous Materials 2019 can be obtained online at https://www.ggs-tradefair.com/press/press-service/accreditation/

    About the Trade Fair Dangerous Goods & Dangerous Materials

    The Leipziger Messe has, with the Trade Fair Dangerous Goods & Dangerous Materials, created an industry platform for suppliers and users that is unique in Europe. The trade fair's product profile brings together products and services for the transport, storage and internal logistics of hazardous materials with highly sensitive and safety-relevant requirements in the associated logistics chain. Visitors can receive proposals for solutions that increase the economic efficiency of their logistics processes and ensure maximum security at the same time. The second edition of the Trade Fair Dangerous Goods & Dangerous Materials will take place from 9 to 11 April 2019 at Leipziger Messe. It is sponsored by the European Association of dangerous goods Safety Advisers (EASA) and the Gefahrgutverband Deutschland (German Dangerous Goods Association).

    Press Contact

    Matthias Kober
    Phone: +49 341 678-8661
    Fax: +49 341 678-8662
    E-Mail: m.kober@leipziger-messe.de

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    Mr Christian Heinz
    Phone: +49 341 678 65 14
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    E-Mail: c.heinz@leipziger-messe.de



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