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    Press release from 1/23/19 | Trade Fair Dangerous Goods & Hazardous Substances

    Diverse conference programme enriches the Trade Fair Dangerous Goods & Dangerous Materials 2019 offer

    The Trade Fair Dangerous Goods & Dangerous Materials, from 9 to 11 April 2019, offers visitors more than just a wide range of solutions, products and services for the transport of hazardous goods, internal logistics for hazardous substances and maximum safety when handling highly sensitive goods and substances. The industry platform's conference programme at Leipziger Messe also features solution-oriented events that provide added technical value. The conference programme presents several new formats.

    The "European Dangerous Goods Days" on 10 and 11 April, which are organised by Leipziger Messe and the European Association of dangerous goods Safety Advisers (EASA), are new to the conference programme of the Trade Fair Dangerous Goods & Dangerous Materials. Well-known speakers from several European countries will present amendments to the international regulations ADR, RID, IMDG Code and IATA DGR effective as of 2019, discuss the transport of lithium batteries and answer questions as to what a dangerous goods officer needs to know about the transport of explosive and radioactive goods, and much more.

    "The events will provide dangerous goods officers from all over Europe the opportunity to further educate themselves and establish an international network, while also providing an impetus for additional developments in regulation. It's undeniable: Dangerous goods officers guarantee safety in the transportation of dangerous goods. This is particularly true when dangerous goods are moved internationally: Nothing works without cooperation," says Dr Norbert Müller, Global Dangerous Goods Coordinator at Schenker AG and former President of EASA, who is in charge of the "European Dangerous Goods Days" content.

    Leipzig Dangerous Goods Day Again Part of the Trade Fair

    Like at the trade fair's première, the Leipzig Dangerous Goods Day will also be held during this year's Dangerous Goods & Dangerous Materials. The 24th edition of the Dangerous Goods Day – organised by TÜV SÜD Auto Service GmbH, the Leipzig Chamber of Industry and Commerce and TÜV SÜD Akademie GmbH - will take place on 9 April at the Congress Center Leipzig (CCL). The event's focus, which includes a certificate for all participants, is the programme topic "The ADR 2019 amendments are in effect! How do they benefit the user? Important changes at a glance. How do GGVSEB and RSEB help?" Jörg Holzhäuser from the Ministry of the Interior, Sports and Infrastructure of Rhineland-Palatinate will lecture on this topic.

    Registration is required for the Leipzig Dangerous Goods Day. There is a participation fee of 238 euros per person. The fee includes the seminar documents, refreshments and an admission ticket to the Trade Fair Dangerous Goods & Dangerous Materials.

    Première of the Hazardous Waste Disposal Forum

    Waste and disposal is an important part of the logistics chain and will be included in the coming Dangerous Goods & Dangerous Materials. The Forum for Hazardous Waste Disposal, which is organised by bvse-recyconsult GmbH on behalf of the Bundesverband Sekundärrohstoffe und Entsorgung (bvse), celebrates its première. Focal points include the public trade fair forums "Material potential of hazardous waste" on 10 April and "Handling hazardous substances" on 11 April.

    German Dangerous Goods Association's Three Lecture Blocks

    The “Gefahrgutverband Deutschland” (German Dangerous Goods Association) will be participating in the conference programme this year with three lecture series. The lecture series "ADR and GbV" is scheduled for 9 April. Some of the topics covered include "Requirements for dangerous goods packaging" and "The dangerous goods officer today - tasks and task management". The second lecture series on the congress topic "RID and inland vessels" will be held on 10 April and will cover, for example, the transport of dangerous goods with inland vessels and in tank cars, tanks, and carts, as well as the Explosives Act in Germany (Sprengstoffgesetz). On the last day of the trade fair, the participants can look forward to the third lecture series "IMDG and IATA", which includes, among other things, the lectures "Dangerous Goods Check at the Airport - Problems and Causes" and "Maintenance, Repair and Reprocessing (Production) of Combination IBCs".

    Open Forum as an Attraction in the Exhibition Hall

    The Open Forum in the middle of Hall 2 welcomes visitors every day of the Trade Fair Dangerous Goods & Dangerous Materials. The short presentations and product demonstrations by exhibitors highlight the diversity, competence and practical relevance of the exhibits.

    About the Trade Fair Dangerous Goods & Dangerous Materials

    The Leipziger Messe has, with the Trade Fair Dangerous Goods & Dangerous Materials, created an industry platform for suppliers and users that is unique in Europe. The trade fair's product profile brings together products and services for the transport, storage and internal logistics of hazardous materials with highly sensitive and safety-relevant requirements in the associated logistics chain. Visitors can receive proposals for solutions that increase the economic efficiency of their logistics processes and ensure maximum security at the same time. The second edition of the Trade Fair Dangerous Goods & Dangerous Materials will take place from 9 to 11 April 2019 at Leipziger Messe. It is sponsored by the European Association of dangerous goods Safety Advisers (EASA) and the Gefahrgutverband Deutschland (German Dangerous Goods Association).

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